Vocal Coaching 1st April


How do you think you’d sound(vocally) 10-20 years down the line. Would you want to still sing properly and have people listen and get blessed well into your twilight years? As you also enjoy  many artistes and ministers??? If your answers to these posers are ‘ A Resounding YES’! Then permit me to ask “what are you doing about it? We plan and prepare for everything;spiritual, financial, physical, mental etc but we fail to prepare for our vocal longevity. We fail to realize the importance of our “voice box” and how to ensure its health and viability. Remember that success is never accidental… Its deliberate. Attend the kr8events vocal coaching and begin your deliberate action towards ensuring your ‘voice’ gives you all you expect and more.

For booking and reservation
Please call
Joy on 08037677437
Igwe on 08036157757

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