The Pilgrim Song(Till i Conform) Joy & Blessing

Joy and Blessing Obialor twin sisters with a love for connecting men to God through music and revealing all that is available in God through redemptive sounds.Since their debut single released in 2019 they are out with a new song The Pilgrim Song (Till I Conform), featuring new sensational gospel artist Akachukwu Obialor better known with the stage name H.O.G.
Culled from the book of Romans, this song reminds us of the essence of our Christian pursuit, the focus,  obsession and our desire, which is to become like Jesus.
This reminder is important especially as we live in a world encumbered with a lot of distractions. This song helps realign us to the focus..
Our earnest desire is that this song becomes a prayer that continues to ring in our hearts.
Be blessed as you listen.
My desire is to become like the one I love
My passion is to become like the one i call my Lord
Till His image is revealed
His likeness fully formed
I’ll be knocking on heaven’s gate till I conform
I hunger I press
I hunger till I conform
I hunger,I press
Till I conform
Till I become like Jesus the vine
Till I become like Jesus the vine
Till I become like Jesus the vine
Till I Conform