Do you remember how it was easy to see two guys walking together and you won’t think much of it?

Do you remember how you could see two girls walking together,holding hands and even hugging themselves yet your mind will be at ease?

You would even be envious of such friendship and wish that you had one.

A friendship that there’s no restraint to how you hold yourselves and share true affections. Where there’s no limit to share ones fears, ideas, emotions and true love that’s is truly platonic.

But these days, when you see that kind of holding or loving you think GAY. What happened to true friendship that allows us to hold and hug and be free in true humane love?

Because the other day I walked up to a girl to say how beautiful she looked in her makeup and lovely dress and after the compliment she told me straight to my face ‘that’s how your kinds start up with them compliments, and then drift to sex talks, I won’t get laid by you! am not gay!’

Believe me I was shocked. I felt this sudden cold from my head, to my spine and then to my toes. I was tongue tied. I just moved away.

Hian! So I cannot compliment the looks of a peer of the same sex and not be thought gay. So I cannot hold a girlfriend dearly and not get side glances because I will be thought of as gay?

I am really afraid because my normal kind of life is now the new kind of Gay.

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