The Living God (live) – Steve Williz

Song from the music in me album and From the joy project live recoding Concert held in Abuja Transcop Hilton ,the living God is a song of exultation of our lord Jesus.the breasted one,the king of kings the living God..
Song mixed and mastered by – Tklek
Song produced by – Sheddy Justin
Video edited by – Sam presto
arrangement -Manuz
Concert Production – joy project

Lyric of the song 

Song tittle           Living God

Artist——   ——-(Steve Williz )

Verse 1

I have come to worship you

To declare my love for your

To exult your majesty 

As I join my voice 

With the angels to say.


You are holy holy 

Lord God almighty (echo)

 I worship you almighty God

I worship you almighty 

You are the living God

Ebube  dike

You are the living 2x

Verse 2

 Your the lover of my soul

Your the hand that made me whole

Your the Pillar of my life

As I join my voice with the angels to say

(Back to the chorus)


Holy holy lord you are holy ( echo)

Faithful faithful lord you are faithful (echo)

Righteous Righteous lord you are righteous 

Lords you are righteousness (4x)

I worship you almighty God

I worship you almighty

You are the living God

You are the living God 

Ebube Dike

You are the living 

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