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Godstime E. Okorie who is popularly known as Minister Godstime releases yet another soul lifting song titled ONYE OMIKO. 

“Onye Omiko” is an Igbo  epithet which vividly announces God as “The Compassionate One”. The song expresses Worship and Praise to the One who is amazingly Compassionate.

This song draws inspiration from Psalms 103:2-6,8, 11-14 and 111:2-4 NIV.

God is moved by His compassion to invite Jesus into our lives and needs. Like a river of love, God’s compassion flows to the lowest situation in our lives, our greatest needs, our greatest weaknesses and our greatest failures. Whatever we lay low before the Lord will receive His attention and response. God gives grace to the humble. His strength is made perfect in our weaknesses. His compassion never ends…it never fails. It is unfathomable, indestructible and dependable.


 Verse 1.
King of Endless ages
What a wonder you are
No one could express 
How marvelous you are
Beautiful Creator 
We hail you as king
Forever we’ll adore you
Be thou glorified.                   2x

 *Chorus* :
Anyi na-ja gi mma O Jehovah (We adore you O Jehovah)
n’ihi n’ibu Chukwu (because You are God)
Onye Omiko (The Compassionate One)

 Verse 2
Glorious Redeemer
Bright and Morning Star
You’re powerful beyond my imagination
Your Love and Mercy is more than
Mere words could explain
All Glory, Strength and Honour 
Be yours oh my God.                   2x

 *Repeat Chorus* .                      4x

 *Bridge* : 
Onye Omiko (The Compassionate One)
Onye Obioma (The Good-hearted One)
Anyi n’aja gi nma (We adore you)
Eh!! Onye Omiko

So as we worship God- the Compassionate- may His amazingly compassionate mercy and love saturate all spheres of our lives, Amen!

This song is Produced and Mixed by Oluwa Drumma 

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