NEW NATION by Dr Barnabas Alayande


Dr brings us a clear and current message couched in reggae vibes produce by the maestro Oluwadrumma. Relevance is the current rallying cry of God for the church. The salt and light principle encourages a holy engagement of the demons battling a developing nations’ economy, legislature, judiciary, executive and polity. God’s people can not afford to commit the errors of silence. Constitutional iniquity and constitutional inequity must be addressed and engaged by prophetic voices. We must begin to care about the things we see, read and experience on a daily basis. Church is not a place to hide from, but rather a place to refuel to engage the world. It’s a because we chose to change things and to be changed inside first; not because of external reforms. This is a prayer for a ’s manifestation as the church begins to take her place in intercession and vital, practical, reasonable prophetic action. Join the revolution! 

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New Nation
1. Said you studied in Toronto, might as well have been Pluto
Contracts all thrown out the window, Where the power is we don’t know (don’t know)
Ch Constitutional iniquity, Seems like the reality
We live in virtual integrity, And we really don’t care

2. It’s money or body for the degree, some first class dummy’s from the university
Kids watching sex on the TV, And Same sex champions crying ‘free me, free me!’
Ch Constitutional iniquity, Seems like our reality
We’ve lived in virtual integrity, And we really don’t care

3. Masked privatization, They eat the cake of the nation
Geriatrics lining up for pension, Wrong people dying in detention

4. Election tribunals, culminating in funerals
Money laundering generals, faulty budget approvals
It’s constitutional iniquity, and we really don’t care

5. Fraudulent deductions(lss mslmr), White elephant taxations
She’s dying of corruption, once upon a nation
It’s constitutional iniquity and we really don’t care

7. Leaders fighting in the senate, Committees bastardize the mandate
Collecting bribes on the interstate, Prostitutes setting up the prelate
Constitutional iniquity, Seems like our reality
Lost in virtual integrity, And we really don’t care

The Church is the solution. We should be salt and light
Reform can’t change the nation, We must be changed inside
The seed of death’s corruption, The cankerworm inside
Is removed in our redemption- The finished work of Christ

Constitutional Iniquity is no more our reality
Stop the make believe integrity
Join the revolution, stop the truth’s starvation
All across the nation, be made free by revelation from
Constitutional iniquity… no more our reality
A life of love and true integrity
Where we really do care

(Then we be) loving our neighbours in reality
(We be) fighting the cause of poor humanity
(We be) living together in unity
(We be) the national epitome of unity
It’s a new nation, and we really do care x 4
Adlib- Whether Hausa or Igbo, Ijaw, Efik or Ibibio
Ijebu or Igbona,  Fulani or Iyamiri

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