Music: The Projects, Releases New Single ‘Win’

Since releasing their debut album Declare (It’s a Takeover) last year The Projects are back with their latest single release entitled ‘Win’.

The single could not have been released at a better time. Since the UK was hit with COVID19 and the lockdown was enforced, the single has helped the group maintain their faith in a turbulent time and they want to spread that message further afield. They believe that despite the season, we can still win.

Visionary of the group Jonathan Campbell says “In order for us to win in this season, we need to give all that we have to God because he has invested something in us for a purpose. He wants our first and our best, he wants all that we have. If we do that, no matter what happens, we’re going to win!”.

Originating from Birmingham UK, the group is made up of a combination of husbands and wives, brothers and sisters all of which are self-taught musicians and vocalists. This distinctive set up has allowed them to develop their ministry together both musically and spiritually.

Now available on all major digital music platforms.

Streaming and download links:

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