Iyanu – Ebenezer Kekung


I wish to warmly thank you all for your patience and anticipation until today, in joy, music and celebration.

I am so grateful to God for the inspiration and opportunity to voice out the “Iyanu” and make it available for my audience.

In the spirit of music, I want to appreciate OluwaDrumma, together in one accord, we both have put in effort to make this a reality.

To you my wonderful audience, how can I sum this up without acknowledging you. This entire project is a success as a result of your constant support and encouragements. May God Richly bless and increase you all.

Iyanu is a song the lord gave me at the altar of prayers. the lord took me through a journey of where he picked me from. i pray this song be a blessing to you. will be open to receive your comments and testimonies.

Iyanu was produced by the legendary  by Oluwadrumma 


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