I will attend synod of worship 2017

​In an era where the dereliction of true worship has risen up the scales, men failing to worship in absolute reverence, thus forgetting  the truth of Jesus in their heart and the whole concept of true worship, the Crossheart Ministry In’l has always aimed at reminding people about the aura and fundamentals of true worship through the Annual Worship Conference “SYNOD OF WORSHIP”.
Godstime E Okorie, a prolific songwriter, passionate singer, Recording Artist and Vision bearer of Crossheart Ministry Int’l and The Crossheart Minstrels are once again ready to host an array of avid worshippers in the “SYNOD OF WORSHIP ’17”
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“We need the truth of Jesus to touch our hearts, We need the Holy Spirit to come and breathe on us the revelation of Jesus! And we want to respond in true worship! We are willing to accept the cost of true worship and understand the call to be true worshipers is one of sacrifice and not personal gain. Our worship shall be heartfelt, enthusiastic, expressive, satisfying, loving, and passionate. It shall involve the total person, free-flowing, joyful, dynamic, life-changing, Holy Spirit-anointed, and presence of God-filled”.
He also buttresses the fact that this event specifically would take max. time to recognize The ONE to whom alone belongs glory and honor. Here, we forget ourselves and seek God. With a firm expectation that our seeking will surely be rewarded. 
Tagging along to glorify JESUS only are other esteemed worshippers with proven passion for JESUS. They  include:
Prospa Ochimana- Abuja
Jeremiah F. Coker- Jos
Evelyn Ernest- Jos 
 Mfon Abigail- Jos and 
Jid Vocals- Jos.
One would only expect the expediency to be enthusiastic, expressive, satisfying, loving, passionate and life-changing. So why not join Godstime and the Crossheart Minstrels as they pilot us into worshipping in Spirit and in Truth at Church Of God Mission International (Solution House) Alheri Zaria rd Jos, Plateau state Nigeria by 2:45pm Prompt. 

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