Events: Nugroove And Friends Set To Host 15th Edition, Rhythm of Praise Festival

Praises and worship to a King brings forth his blessings anytime his servants call upon his name. Following numerous stories from the Bible how praises broke the bars of iron, set captives free and gave dumbfounding testimonies, the 15th edition of the Rhythm Of Praise Festival is one to give you testimonies, joy unending and a danceable vibe to leave your legs grateful that you came.

With its first edition held in Bauchi state, the 15th edition features stellar performances, rhythmic high praises and a new groove. Hosted by Nugroove and Friends, it is slated for the 7th of November, 2020 and would feature a lineup of graceful ministers in songs, psalms and word.

With an entry fee of 1000 naira for regular and 5000 for VIP, tickets outlets are available in selected locations around the state.