Drunk with wine

The yoruba speaking people in the western part of Nigeria are known for their reverence for elders. But have you seen them worship their king?  Those guys are usually up for a higher kind of reverence. They Twist their palms from behind, and kneel with words of praise gushing out from their mouths, and that is for an earthly king. 
Therefore, worship to the king of kings, the one who sits upon the throne and has made the earth his foot stool, that weighs the sands of the earth in a balance, that owns the world, the people in it and every thing in it should be beyond the physical act of twisting palms, kneeling and speaking of mere words. 

It should be spirit filled, consuming the whole of our being, coming from the innermost part of us  and intoxicating us like sweet wine with a fine taste that only our spirit can relate. 

It should make God enjoy the sweet smelling savor that we dish out, make him sway and salivate, to the extent that he will go ahead to dance and dine with us because of our worship. 

Atmosphere for worship with pastor Obed and his crew over the years, has successfully created that atmosphere where we are drunk with worship, and move God to his feet until he’s left with no choice but to dine with us. 

On this seventh edition, we are glad that it is here again. Our minds are eager, our souls are hungry, our spirits are willing and our bodies ready to move beyond movement. Thank you for another opportunity. 

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