DrumFierce ||ladies edition


started in 2010 February with so much enthusiasm to make impact on the youths of the Plateau and beyond with worship through musical instrument which also is ‘Zamar’ ,it started with about 20 people in attendance in 2011 and gradually there has been and overflow over the past three by God’s grace.
Great drummers like Paul Rosa, Jerry Ahmed, Ugochuckwu Onorah, Bishop, Halley Panam, Ejeje, Godwin and so many others have been live!! in drum fierce and have blessed us tremendously. We have had tribute session for one of us who went to be wit the Lord in 2013 and so many great events featured in Drum fierce, it’s gradually becoming a household name by God’s grace, getting international recognition and partnership.

Our mission is to correct the behaviours of instrumentalists , develop and inspire good work/practice etthics there has to be massive improvement in Jos and its environs. A cordial relationship amongst instrumentalists especially drummers must be formed.

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