Articles: The Awakening – Series 4 (Reinvent Yourself, Live A Life Of Passion) by Godswill Okwori

We all experience the trials and misfortunes of life at various times, however what everyone does have is the opportunity to adopt a positive perspective no matter what they encounter.

Let’s face it, tough times show up, people will let you down; you will experience loss, failures and setbacks.
You can choose to focus on the negative aspects or you can choose to orientate your focus on the positive aspects.

You have a choice in every moment as to how you respond to life — the cards you are served do not determine your destiny, rather the way in which you play the game. Attitude is paramount as it relates to whether you live a life full of passion and purpose or one of regret and resentment.

How do you live a life full of passion and purpose irrespective of when life does not go as planned?

The way in which you manage your emotions determines the level of passion you bring to your life’s experiences. Emotions are simply energy in motion, therefore if your emotions are primarily unconstructive, you are bound by those emotional states that keep you stuck.

How do I reinvent myself to live a life of passion?

1. Embrace life with your entire senses: to live a passionate life, learn to embrace your senses. That is, do not hold back your emotions, rather embrace them, experience them, process them and let them go.

2.  Pursue That Which You Love: whilst you may not entirely appreciate every aspect of your life, you certainly can pursue that which deeply resonates with your deepest being. Life becomes demanding; attending to work, children, family responsibilities and managing stress, so it is vital to make time to engage in activities you love.

The feelings that arise as you engage in these activities will refresh and invigorate your spirit and enable you to live a life full of passion and vitality.

What do you love to do?

Stop right now and consider what brings you joy and passion. Make a commitment to pursue those things more frequently without getting caught up in the day to day routines of managing life.

Be adventurous and bold by rediscovering the joy of doing old things again. Do not simply resign yourself to restrictions or impositions which restrict your ability to interact with life.
Remember: passion flows where attention goes.

3.  Relax, Release and Allow: Just as phone applications needs to be upgraded at all times, be willing to upgrade yourself too, by making room for the new. Change is inevitable and a natural process of life if your desire is to step in to your magnificence. Release the tired, old programs, perspectives, beliefs and outdated programmes which no longer serve your potential and growth.

Make way for the new, the fresh and vital expansive energy and you will undoubtedly notice passion invites its way into your life with equal fervor. Given these changes are made gradually over time, your perspective and life’s circumstances will unfold in the timeliest manner.
You are entitled to live a life of passion and purpose.

Focus on these key points for as brief as thirty days and witness your life change within a month.
Rest assured you can reinvent yourself in the timeliest manner to find enjoyment in life more touchable.

About The Author:
Godswill Okwori is a devoted Christian, an enterprising believer who never ceases to promote the kingdom business wherever he goes. He is a social worker that initiates and involves in making a positive difference in the lives of people who are socially marginalized, disadvantaged and excluded through helping to meet their basic human needs, promoting the realization of their potential as well as helping them recognize and exercise their rights.

His vision for social change is to become a social leader who breeds and raise societal change makers through inculcating mental hygiene, and building a sustainable mind-set that nurtures a space for positive growth.

He is the founder of Talks of Realities, an initiative focused at bringing individuals together to discuss and solve issues bothering them.

Godswill is an indigene of Benue State, Nigeria.

Facebook: Godswill Okwori or Talks of Realities
Instagram: @mister_wills
Twitter: TOR_wills

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