Articles: The Awakening – Series 2 “The Journey of Love and Passion (Yokefellows)” by Godswill Okwori

Have you ever wondered why it is always hard to forget what you love? Seemingly, it very difficult not to push for what you are passionate about. We must understand that when our love for a thing merges with our passion for it, growth must be recorded.

People fail at things because they harbor love and forget passion; what drives your love is passion therefore, you cannot love without passion. More so, passion cannot work growth without love, if you have passion for a thing, the first entry must be love because only love ushers passion into a thing.

At times of adversity, love endures the pain while passion motivates your commitment to the course, it is a matter of mutuality the path of love and passion points to the same direction; you cannot see passion without seeing love first.

Our growth gets stagnated because, it cannot tell which direction our love points and to which our passion points. It is possible to harbor love for a lot of things; for instance, I love cooking, photography, dancing or swimming but it is only the aspect where my passion is registered or activated that will record growth.

So, where love is merged with passion, growth will be unlimited but where passion is subtracted from love growth will be absolutely limited.

Let’s take a pause while we enjoy this story:

Once upon a time lived two brothers whose names were Love and Passion, they were fishermen who worked hard to provide fish of different breeds to their community, they were very famous for their occupation that no fisherman around their region could beat their record.

They owned a canoe, which they paddle down to the deepest parts of the rivers surrounding them; they named the canoe Growth because through it, they recorded immense success in their occupation of fishing.

One day, as they journeyed down to fish, a great storm started, they had no choice than to turn back to shore as they approached the river bank, their canoe wrecked. They struggled to pull out the wrecked parts of their canoe, with much efforts, they succeeded.

They struggled to get their canoe fixed but to no avail; hours passed, days passed, weeks passed but still no success. Their business collapsed, they became bankrupted and they lost their relevance in the community. This incidences brought a great discouragement to Love (the eldest of the two brothers), who left to the neighboring village to hide from the shame.

Passion was left alone in the struggle he tried so hard to get the canoe fixed but to no avail, so he decided to join his friend, Elder Skill who was a good craftsman and a professional canoe builder to learn the craft of building canoe, so the news spread far and wide about his apprenticeship that it got to the hearing of his brother, Love.
So Love was motivated by his brother’s drive and determination that he joined him in the apprenticeship. 3 months later, they mastered the craft and rebuilt their canoe (Growth) together.

They resumed back to their occupation and in no time, they regained their lost glory and reached a higher record by capturing 2 whales and a shark in a single night – a record no one has reached in the history of their community.

It is easy to say you love a thing, but the big question is: can your love endure through the odd days? We venture into routines, professions, career, and beliefs we so claim we love but get stuck when things get hard because we cannot tell how we feel about them.

Our greatest mistakes are made when we trade with emotions we know nothing about. The story of the two brothers outlines great mutuality and companionship. It takes Love and Passion to make Growth work. When dreams and hopes are left shattered, passion brings back the love and when passion and love comes together, immense growth would be recorded.
End of Series 2.

About The Author:
Godswill Okwori is a devote Christian, an enterprising believer who never ceases to promote the kingdom business wherever he goes. He is a social worker that initiates and involves in making a positive difference in the lives of people who are socially marginalized, disadvantaged and excluded through helping to meet their basic human needs, promoting the realization of their potential as well as helping them recognize and exercise their rights.

His vision for social change is to become a social leader who breeds and raise societal change makers through inculcating mental hygiene, and building a sustainable mind-set that nurtures a space for positive growth.

He is the founder of Talks of Realities, an initiative focused at bringing individuals together to discuss and solve issues bothering them.

Godswill is an indigene of Benue State, Nigeria.

Facebook: Godswill Okwori or Talks of Realities
Instagram: @mister_wills
Twitter: TOR_wills

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