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Love: is an emotion of a strong affection, attraction and personal attachment to a thing or someone.

Passion: is an intense emotion, a compelling enthusiasm or desire for something.

Growth: is an increase in value, strength, number or size
Every living creature harbors love, passion and a desire to grow. As much as this is, people misappropriate love for passion and passion for love. It is also very possible to grow in passion and also grow in love; so, love bonds with growth, growth bonds with love, passion bonds with growth and, growth bonds with passion.

It is very impossible to want to grow in a thing you have no love and passion for, be it a relationship, academics, career or even nothing. Yes! You can’t grow in nothing without love and passion for it.

So, let’s take this short story:
Once lived Nene, a passionate young girl who had an unceasing love for animals, her ambition was to one day communicate her native language with the animals in her father’s field. She shared her ambition with her mother who laughed and told her how impossible it was to achieve that. With a deep love and passion for this ambition, young Nene developed the craft of using signs and speaking her native language at the same time to communicate with the animals.
She tried this craft for one month without succeeding so she started reading books in domestic farming and asking the herders in her father’s field questions about animals. Soon enough, she discovered animals only pay attention to you when they are convinced you love them. With that knowledge, Nene discovered a perfect craft in communicating her native language with all animals she met. She grew so much in that craft that she became famous as she traveled far and wide to teach farmers, herders and agriculturists about communicating with animals – The End.

The routinary force produced from love and passion births growth. Love, passion and growth are one breed; they are of one yoke but if misunderstood can be turned against each other and as a result, ruin your motive.

Share with us:
What did Nene do differently to grow her love and passion? (Read the story of Nene again)

What is love and passion to you?
What do you love and how passionate are you about it?
Have you recorded any growth in it?

About The Author:
Godswill Okwori is a devote Christian, an enterprising believer who never ceases to promote the kingdom business wherever he goes. He is a social worker that initiates and involves in making a positive difference in the lives of people who are socially marginalized, disadvantaged and excluded through helping to meet their basic human needs, promoting the realization of their potential as well as helping them recognize and exercise their rights.

His vision for social change is to become a social leader who breeds and raise societal change makers through inculcating mental hygiene, and building a sustainable mind-set that nurtures a space for positive growth.

He is the founder of Talks of Realities, an initiative focused at bringing individuals together to discuss and solve issues bothering them.

Godswill is an indigene of Benue State, Nigeria.

Facebook: Godswill Okwori or Talks of Realities
Instagram: @mister_wills
Twitter: TOR_wills

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