Articles: The Awakening – Conclusion (The Resolution) by Godswill Okwori

Series 1
It is very impossible to want to grow in a thing you have no love and passion for, be it a relationship, academics, career or even nothing. Yes! You can’t grow in nothing without love and passion for it.

The routinary force produced from love and passion births growth. Love, passion and growth are one breed; they are of one yoke but if misunderstood can be turned against each other and as a result, ruin your motive.

Series 2
People fail at things because they harbor love and forget passion; what drives your love is passion therefore, you cannot love without passion. More so, passion cannot work growth without love, if you have passion for a thing, the first entry must be love because only love ushers passion into a thing.

Where love is merged with passion, growth will be unlimited but where passion is subtracted from love growth will be absolutely limited.

Our greatest mistakes are made when we trade with emotions we know nothing about. It takes Love and Passion to make Growth work. When dreams and hopes are left shattered, passion brings back the love and when passion and love comes together, immense growth would be recorded.

Series 3
When you feel like you are no longer growing no matter how hard you try, it could be that you’ve chose to love something different from what you have passion for; at this point, a change is expected.

Opportunities for growth will present themselves as challenges. There will be stumbling blocks in your path towards growth in the thing you are doing but when you incubate the love and passion to go the extra mile, these stumbling blocks become wonderful curves for growth; they become moments where you take your knowledge, ability and your overall experience to another dimension and a new level. This feeds self-esteem and your overall confidence grows.

Series 4
You have a choice in every moment as to how you respond to life — the cards you are served do not determine your destiny, rather the way in which you play the game. Attitude is paramount as it relates to whether you live a life full of passion and purpose or one of regret and resentment.

The way in which you manage your emotions determines the level of passion you bring to your life’s experiences. Emotions are simply energy in motion, therefore if your emotions are primarily unconstructive, you are bound by those emotional states that keep you stuck.

Series 5
True growth is not greedy, it is mature enough to realize that it is not self-sufficient, it is mature to know that it happens with other people’s push. People who understand and value the relationship of others in their growth process, grow limitlessly.

As you grow, it is important to recognize the sacrifices of those who push you up and appreciate them. Sometimes the same measure of love and passion you give to your growth process should be what you give to those who push your growth because, your growth and relevance is attached to people around you.

Series 6
Only those who are self-aware can lead their growth; you must have a full understanding of yourself (your emotions, your likes and dislikes, your good times and odd times).

Love, Passion and Growth comes with a total discovery of yourself, if you are not aware of who you are, you tend to become a wanderer in life, but when you gain a full knowledge of yourself, you aim and trade in the right path and with that, growth becomes a norm.

Final Words: Above all things, I wish that you grow with your love and passion on the right path and you love what you do and activate passion at it; build growth with utmost happiness at all ramification of your life – Godswill Okwori.

About The Author:

Godswill Okwori is a devoted Christian, an enterprising believer who never ceases to promote the kingdom business wherever he goes. He is a social worker that initiates and involves in making a positive difference in the lives of people who are socially marginalized, disadvantaged and excluded through helping to meet their basic human needs, promoting the realization of their potential as well as helping them recognize and exercise their rights.

His vision for social change is to become a social leader who breeds and raise societal change makers through inculcating mental hygiene, and building a sustainable mind-set that nurtures a space for positive growth.

He is the founder of Talks of Realities, an initiative focused at bringing individuals together to discuss and solve issues bothering them.

Godswill is an indigene of Benue State, Nigeria.

Facebook: Godswill Okwori or Talks of Realities
Instagram: @mister_wills
Twitter: TOR_wills

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