ARTICLE: All You need to know about Honey!

Honey is a food substance that is produced by bees and some related insects.

Bees produce honey from the sugary secretion of plants (floral nectar) or other insects (aphid honeydew). Honeydew). honey combs is where honey is stored and it is in a wax form

Honey is usually collected from wild bee calories or from hives of domesticated bees and the practice is know as beekeeping.

Did you know that because  most microorganisms do not grow in honey, and so it can be sealed for and does not spoil even after thousands of years.

Honey use and production have a long and varied history as an ancient activity, from Vatencia, Spain, in a cave painting by humans at least 8,000 years ago. Honey provides 46 calories in a serving of one table spoon which is (15ml). Honey is generally safe to eat but not to a child of 12months below and may have various potential adverse effects or interactions upon excessive consumption,existing disease condition, or use of prescription drugs.

The key to storage of honey is limiting access to humidity and in its cured state, honey to change its flavour or viscosity, making it cheap to produce.


  1. Healing of wounds and burns: When you have a cut or burn, just apply little of honey effectively to that area and with constant usage ,you’ll notice, its healing.
  2. Relieving cold and cough symptoms: Just add little to your tea or take a tea spoon of it and you’ll be fine. This also helps to sore throat.
  3. Reducing the duration of diarrhea:Now i just got to find out that taking honey helps or increases your intake of water because of this, since diarrhea only gets to relieve you, you take honey to make you take lots of water for relief.

Reduces high blood pressure: Instead of add sugar to your beverage or tea you replace it with honey because, sugar has a leading factor to high blood pressure.

apart from these benefits, honey also relieves:

  • cough and asthma
  • hiccups
  • jaundice
  • hangover relief
  • teething pain in children over a year old
  • sleep disorder
  • stress
  • stomach ulcer etc

Now you know the wonders of the blessed nature from God, do well to make good use of it.

Sanasi Dogara Gwamna.


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