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  • Ka Isa (Thou art worthy) – Victory Hyn
    Ka Isa (Thou art worthy) – Victory Hyn

    Victory HYN is an anointed and vibrant gospel music minister who reveals Christ to the world through sounds, He’s from the northern part of Nigeria, Jos to be precise. KA ISA is a phrase in Hausa meaning THOU ART WORTHY, it’s a song that helps us respond to God for who He is and what…

  • Find me Worthy Lord (cover) – Gracious Kalu
    Find me Worthy Lord (cover) – Gracious Kalu

      Aluba Gracious Kalu is an upcoming energetic and passionate worship leader. She started singing at a very tender age at her local church. By the grace and help of God, She has discovered God’s gift and purpose for her life and ministry and is now out to fulfil the will of God for her…

  • Hossana – Anayo Nwadi
    Hossana – Anayo Nwadi

    Hosanna has become a beloved anthem in Christian worship, known for its powerful and heartfelt lyrics. The song beautifully expresses a cry of praise and adoration to God, celebrating His greatness and love. With its captivating melody and engaging rhythm, Hosanna has resonated with congregations worldwide. The lyrics of Hosanna powerfully declare the significance of…