DOWNLOAD: Edge – Jos Believe

Anything is possible if you #josbelieve

JOsBelieVe is a Tribe of Artists who are passionate about promoting the City of Jos through their God-given talents.

Jos is a vibrant city in Plateau State North Central Nigeria.

Over the years we’ve experienced trials and tribulations as a result of recurrent crises. This, amongst other things, has harmed the growth of the music industry in the state.

The idea of JOsBelieVe is to create a platform where different Artists can come together, believing in the power of UNITY, and putting sentiments aside to pursue a common goal.

This is a community of creatives who are passionate about putting Jos back on the Map.


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  1. Jaydiah Jedidiah Avatar
    Jaydiah Jedidiah

    This is a very beautiful song,speaks to me directly.the voice behind the song is sooooo amazing.weldone

  2. MacTv NG Avatar
    MacTv NG

    This is a beautiful song by Edge. #JosBelieve

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